My Clients

Folks in or near retirement wanting more income and advice on how to plan for the dangers we all must face as we get older.

Why it Works

What got you here, won’t get you there. I bring a fresh, out of the box perspective from decades of business experience. Very little emphasis is ever given to the distribution of your assets. Most folks I work with do not want to risk their principal at this point in their life. Potential growth that comes with market losses is not desired.

How it Works

Set up a short chat. If we are a match, I’ll suggest a “dig deeper session” so I can learn more about your situation - a special experience that gives you tons of knowledge and value up front. Together we decide if there is a Way to move forward. No pressure and no sales drama. If one of us should decide we are not a match the worst that will happen is we will walk away as friends.

What Makes Me Different

I am insanely curious – a state that often presents solutions that solves your retirement riddles in a safe secure manner. I prefer simple to complex, actionable to esoteric, bold to tentative. I work for you – not some brokerage firm that wants to show you confusing charts and graphs to justify their presence. I have been helping clients retire for over 40 years and there are no hidden fees or costs if I work with you – ever!